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Hailing from the rural community of Highland Home, AL, Corey Harris is an accomplished and disciplined man on a mission to help others experience financial freedom. In 2008, Corey graduated from Highland Home High School and set out for Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University. As a first-generation college student with very few scholarships to support his undergraduate and graduate tuition, Corey persevered and obtained both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science from his beloved AAMU. Later, Corey earned his teacher’s certification from Athens State University and taught Agriculture Science within Montgomery Public Schools District.  Even with two degrees and certification under his belt, Corey struggled financially until he decided to make some major decisions, including selling the major assets he had purchased as an adult, to tackle the debt he had accrued over the years.  

Corey currently serves as an aircraft operator, flying unmanned aircraft systems in restricted international airspace for Textron Systems. Though it is a demanding career, his duty does not keep him from pursuing his purpose and passions. Since reclaiming his financial freedom, he has been on a mission to encourage and inspire others to do the same. It is Corey’s hope that his first book, Breaking the Generational Curse: My Journey to Becoming Debt Free, ignites readers to develop the resilience to commit to debt repayment strategies and create a suitable plan for life after debt.

When he’s not considering his next wealth investment, Corey enjoys traveling, working out, and encouraging others to create the life they desire. He also finds pleasure in sowing into the community, and as a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., he is never void of an opportunity to give back. In the near future, Corey plans to develop more opportunities to connect with others through encouraging financial freedom as well as other budding business endeavors.


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On January 6, 2019, Author Corey Harris made a decision that would impact the rest of his life. After much contemplation, he decided that he wanted to be debt-free. After selling his home, car, and other assets he accrued in life, Corey set out to make better financial decisions. Though it required many sacrifices, today, he is happy to be debt-free. 


Breaking the Generational Curse: My Journey to Becoming Debt Free unpacks and reveals the journey Corey took to become debt free. 




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